Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another day at the Polar Ice Cap

Everybody cold?  Hasn't stopped us...well, maybe a little...or a lot.  We're still out there almost every night.  We come in to thaw and get food...good thing I have a new retainer...keeps my teeth from chattering too bad.

The progress...the stairs are in with the walls around it complete.  I'll get a photo later.  Tonight we got the upstairs rail in.  Looks pretty cool.  It's not quite finished, will do that tomorrow night.  Have some insulation in, also.  Will finish that after we get the last of the framing inspections on Friday.  Yes, we'll be ready for it on Friday!  YAY!  Then we can get on with the process of pushing for the final inspection.

Last week Gene took a day off and Chuck and Dee came over and helped put the plywood up on the end wall.  The previous week, they came over and helped Gene frame it.  Pretty cool...I mean cooooold! I think it was all of 36º this day....

Gene's out there somewhere.
I opted to sleep until noon and watch my soaps
while enjoying chocolate truffles.

The next Saturday, Gene and I spent the morning cleaning out the carport.  My car can now get back into it's home.  Ok, there's still the junk yard on the left...but, rednecks will be rednecks.  (If I didn't spend so much time watching soaps it might get cleaned out.)


I may get more photos this weekend.  Although, Christmas seems to be getting in the way.  I've found it necessary to gain a little sanity by immersing myself in doing some Christmas glittering.  We may even find the time to do some shopping this weekend.  We were going to do some this Thursday evening, after our anniversary dinner.  But we got complimentary tickets to the preview of the new Mission Impossible movie.  We can shop later.  Tom Cruise and a hot BMW is impossible to pass up...we're weak.  (Did you notice that the BMW is 'hot', while Tome Cruise is just...well, plain ol' Tom Cruise?  I'd much rather be cavorting around with a Bimmer!)

Party on!


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