Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend

Greetings!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  We sure did.  It was great spending the day with Kyle and Liz, along with my Mom and Pat.

Anyway...back to the project.  While Gene didn't make the progress he had dreamed, we still got a lot done.  First, the back door.  Hoping it would only take 1/2 day, with one annoying issue after another we managed to spend the entire day on the installation.  At least it fits well and all issues could be dealt with.  Not the least of which was fixing several factory mistakes, but we managed and really like the finished product! the plastic sheeting!

Gene's enjoying a well deserved rest.
Of course this was taken the morning was dark by time we finished on Friday.

The next project was the last piece of plywood on the North end.  It was a bugger to get in, but, again, he did it.  And now the shop stays much warmer with the warm air not just blowing out through the hole!  We actually got the shop up to 61º today!  A 15º difference from outside!  YAY!

And then onto the stairs.  He was hoping to get it done this weekend, but with the door and plywood taking longer than well as the obligatory trip to Jerry's for more nails.  God, for what we've spent on nail and screws Gene could pay for 1/2 a new table saw!

The landing in place just time to practice next career.
This he actually got done yesterday.
Notice the paint ont he block...primer.  We're just going to primer it to brighten it up a little.

And here it is with the first flight done.  Pretty exciting!
He does good work!  He learned from his Dad, what else would you expect?!

We'll be working on the last part of the stairs over the week.  Lay out a stringer one night; cut it out the next and then 2 more stringers on the subsequent nights, by the weekend, it'll be ready to install.  Can't wait to just run up the stairs to get up to the attic.

Ok, that was it for our weekend.  Wish we had the whole next week.  But, life as it is there's something called 'work' that's always getting in the way of our fun!  Paa-shaw!

Party on!


Ps...oh, yeh, with all the mess, does it look like a shop yet?  He'll clean it up (organize) eventually...

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