Wednesday, November 16, 2011


We not only got the floor down in the shop, but thanks to Dee and Chuck, the upstairs floor went down Sunday.  We haven't posted a pic of the upstairs attic storage yet.

Is that an amazing space or what!?  I'm going to do a white paint primer on the floor.  So, it will have a white-washed effect.  There are also 2 more skylights that don't show in this pic.  They're toward the camera.  I'm up on a ladder in the stair well taking this at floor level.

The electricians are here.  Right now, I have to run out and tell them to forget what I just said about the height of the outlets up there.

I'm back.  but, seriously, is this room too cool?!  Wait until you see how I'm going to finish the stairs....

Oh, and thanks to Dee for coming over yesterday and helping me sweep the shop floor.  Well, here's the story...the finish we put down is an oil base.  The directions have you putting down a small dose, leaving it for 30 min. then wiping the excess off.  Labor intensive...yes.  But, what I discovered by accident is that if you then put a light coating of sawdust on it and let it sit for a while and then work it with a broom and sweep it off, the sawdust absorbs even more excess oil.  And it makes for a wonderful satin finish.  (If you don't get the excess oil up, it will coagulate and leave a tacking film that will be there forever.)  Anyway, yesterday was the last push to get it done before the cold weather hits (it has to be 45º or over for the finish) and I was exhausted with my arm, shoulder, hand, etc. in pain.  So, knowing Dee likes to sweep, she came over and swept to her hearts content.

Hopefully, the next entry will show working lights!  YAY!

Party on!


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  1. Just this morning I was wondering how things were progressing. Now I have my answer! That's a real nice room. It should hold lots of fabric. :-)